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Meditating on the Lord - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Selfishness - Part 3 of 3
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Matthew 16:24
Oct 22, 2003 pm - Two or three weeks ago, we began the study of Richard Baxter on Selfishness. Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we'll finish it. The Puritan began by defining selfishness as a branch of covetousness-of wanting what isn't yours. Selfish people want money or time or attention or praise or obedience they don't have coming to them. Everything we have belongs to the Lord and is to be used His way, not ours. This is a hard lesson to learn-and no one will learn it perfectly in this life. But we need to start learning it. And Richard Baxter can help us. Thus far he has given us several steps for combating selfishness in our lives. Realize how sinful it is to be selfish. Think of how hurtful it is to other people. Remember what it does to you. Look at what it has done to the world. Imagine how wonderful things would be if no one were selfish. Use reason to judge whether something is good or bad and not your desire. All of these are very helpful, but his last heading is the most important. You may curtail or cut back on your selfishness by doing what he's said so far, but drastic change demands something more-something more than tips for unselfish living. If you want to resist selfishness ... More >>>

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