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The Last Days - by Michael Phillips
Eschatology - Part 1 of 10
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Hebrews 1:1-4
Nov 30, 2003 pm - This afternoon with the Lord's help, I hope to begin a monthly study of Last Things. If you read Christian books, the doctrine is called Eschatology. On some of the Last Things the Bible is very clear and we need strong, unshakable convictions. On other things, however, the Word is less plain and we need to be open-minded about them. The Church has always affirmed five things about the Last Days: (1) Jesus Christ will come again, (2) He will raise the dead on that day, (3) pass judgment on every man, (4) bring the saved to heaven, and (5) consign the lost to hell. To my way of thinking these are non-negotiables. If a man tells me "The resurrection is past", I say he's a heretic, like Hymaneus and Philetus in the Bible. If he says "The Lord is not coming again", I call him as a scoffer as Peter did in his Second Epistle. One who denies hell or makes it less than eternal flies in the face of Jesus Christ who taught the doctrine more often and in more detail than any other Man. I have covered these five major issues time and again over the years and I don't think I'll do it in this series except insofar as they affect other doctrines. That's the plan, at least, but all human plans ... More >>>

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