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Love Doesn't Envy - by Michael Phillips
Attributes of Love, for Children - Part 4 of 11
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1 Corinthians 13:4b
Oct 12, 2003 pm - Listen up, kids! This is the second Sunday afternoon of the month and time for another kids' sermon. Do you remember what part of the Bible we've been studying for the last three or four months? Can you tell me-in one word only-what this chapter is about? Is the love spoken of here all about hugging and kissing? hands? No. There's nothing wrong with hugging and kissing (if you're hugging the right person!). But the love spoken of here is a lot more than hugging and kissing. It's an attitude. Or a state of mind. Love is the attitude-the Bible says-that makes you do some things and not do some other things. In the first part of our verse, we find one of each: "Love suffers long" means it doesn't get mad all the time; it's not cranky or hateful or always looking for a fight. "Love is kind" means it notices other people and tries to help them with it can. Do you remember the story about the new kid at school and the three groups he met there? Probdip was his name and everything about him was weird and funny. One group of boys laughed at him and roughed him up. Another group ignored him. The other group made friends with him and found out-underneath the funny name and accent and thing ... More >>>

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