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Open Theism - by Michael Phillips
Heresies in the Church - Part 9 of 9
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Isaiah 46:8-11
Dec 21, 2003 pm - Eight times this year, we have dipped into history to study a major heresy in the Church. A heresy-you know-is a false teaching. Not every mistake in doctrine is a heresy, of course, but only the big ones, the ones that are not compatible with Christianity. Believers can differ on church government or the mode of baptism or the number of resurrections; they cannot differ on the Divinity of Christ, for to say our Lord is not God is to be no Christian at all. You can deny His Deity and be a nice guy, a religious man, a Bible scholar or a church member, but you cannot be a Christian! That doctrine-first called Arianism-is not compatible with saving faith. You can have one or the other, but you can't have both! The history of the Church is marred by persistent heresy. It began in the First Century and has been with us ever since. But today, we're not looking back, but at the present. For the heresy we'll look at today began no more than 20 years ago and is gathering speed-fast! Thirty years ago, no Evangelical scholar in America taught this doctrine-zero, not one! Two years ago, 30% of our most conservative, Bible-believing scholars voted in favor of it (or, would not oppose it). Two ... More >>>

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