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Love is Not Rude - by Michael Phillips
Attributes of Love, for Children - Part 6 of 11
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1 Corinthians 13:5a
Dec 14, 2003 pm - This is the second Sunday afternoon of the month and time for-what? It's time for the Kids' Sermon. Now, children, I never want you to think this is the only sermon of the month you ought to listen to! You ought to listen to all true sermons because they're the Word of God and the Lord wants you to pay attention to them, believe them, and obey them. I call this the Kids' Sermon-you know-because I prepare it with you especially in mind and because I'm going to ask questions as we go along in it. So, open your ears to what I say, open your hearts to God's Word, and-when I call on you-open your mouths with the right answers! PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS What chapter of the Bible have we been studying for the last few months? In one word (or less if you can do it) what is the chapter about? Does the chapter define love (like a dictionary) or does it tell what love looks like (i.e., what it does and what it doesn't do)? Is love unimportant, kind of important or really important? What would I be if I gave all I had to the poor and even died for Christ without love? Looking at v.4, can you tell me (1) two things that love does, and (2) three things love doesn't do? This is what we've looked at ... More >>>

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