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Christ Prays for Us - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 85 of 94
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Luke 22:31-34
Dec 28, 2003 am - At last week's prayer meeting I asked you to pray for my uncle who had major surgery and for my father and me who were going to see him the next day. I asked you to pray for his health and for our testimony. Witnessing has never been easy for me and, as we made our way to his room, I was scared. But then something happened: I remembered you were praying for me and found peace and courage. It's good to know people are praying for you. Especially when one of them is God! This is what today's story is about. We often miss it by focusing on Peter and his pride instead of on Christ and His prayer. Peter breaks your heart. If a man of his character fails the Lord, what hope is there for you and me? But if Christ prays for Peter when the man is at his most worst, there is hope for you and me. Because Jesus Christ prays for us. The Bible says so. In Isaiah 53, God's Servant not only suffers in the place of sinners, but He also "makes intercession for the transgressors". The prophet doesn't say how often He does this. But the author of Hebrews fills in that blank. In 7:25, he says the Lord "Ever lives to make intercession for them". His prayers for us end when His life ends. But when does ... More >>>

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