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Neo-Orthodoxy - by Michael Phillips
Heresies in the Church - Part 8 of 9
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2 Peter 1:16
Nov 16, 2003 pm - In January of this year, we began an occasional study of heresy. Heresy is a major false teaching in the Church. I say it's a major false teaching because no one is perfect and the soundest men make mistakes. I say it's in the Church because many false doctrines are not in the Church-atheism, for example, or Islam. These are wrong and dangerous teachings, of course, but no one who calls himself a Christian believes in them. Heresies are taught in the Name of Christ; they often find support in the Bible and are accepted by people who say they're disciples of the Lord Jesus. The first major heresy was Judaism or reading the Old Testament as though Christ had not come. It is exposed and demolished in the New Testament, especially in Romans, Galatians, Colossians, and Hebrews. Other heresies soon followed, including Arianism that says Jesus is not God and Gnosticism that says the God of the Old Testament is not the God of the New. A bit later, we had the Pelagians who taught that salvation isby works, not grace and that man has the resources in himself to save himself if he wants to. In the Middle Ages, two great heresies broke out: one involves the use of Images in the Church. The ... More >>>

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