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The Best Things Affect Us Now - by Michael Phillips
A String of Pearls - Part 9 of 14
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1 John 3:1-3
Jan 14, 2004 pm - About three months ago, we began to study the Puritan classic, A String of Pearls by Thomas Brooks. The short book was first a long sermon, preached at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Blake. On that day, the pastor wanted his people to weep for themselves and to rejoice for the dear sister they had come to bury. Why should they be happy about her death? Because for Mary Blake-and for all disciples of Christ-The Best Things are Reserved Till Last. What we have in Christ now is good; what we'll have then is better. Christians often say the day they were saved was the best day of their lives! It wasn't! Growing in grace means every day to come is better than that one-and the day of death the best of all (until the Resurrection). God has not given us the best things up front. Like a skillful movie director, he has saved the best for last. This is what our study is about. Thus far, we've seen what heaven is and why the Lord makes us wait for it. Now, near the end of the sermon, we have some inferences. An "inference" is a conclusion of sorts; it follows from what has been said before. If I say, "Tom has red hair", you infer some other things about him: he has fair skin, for example, or he has ... More >>>

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