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Introduction to the Gospel According to Luke - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 1 of 94
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Luke 1:1-4
Jan 06, 2002 am - Preface Today, with God's help, we'll begin to study the Gospel of Luke. Like Matthew, Mark, and John, Luke tells the story of Jesus Christ, the things He "Began to both do and teach until the day He was taken up". The story begins about fifteen months before the Lord's birth and ends about six weeks after He rose from the dead. The special value of the Book, it seems to me, lies in three things: 1. Its fullness. There are things in Luke that are found nowhere else in the Bible. For example, the nativity of John the Baptist, the Song of Mary, the Lord's childhood, the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Penitent Thief, the Road to Emmaus, and many others. How much poorer we would be without the stories Luke tells. 2. Its orderliness. The other Gospels jump around quite a bit, but Luke doesn't. He begins at the beginning and methodically works his way through the sufferings and resurrection of the Lord. In a way, he's a modern historian and scientific in his approach. This makes Luke the easiest Gospel for us to read. 3. Its universality. Luke is the only book in the Bible written by a Gentile for a Gentile. His big idea, therefore, is to show that Jesus Christ is more than King ... More >>>

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