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Henry on the Seven Sayings - by Michael Phillips
The Seven Sayings - Part 1 of 7
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Luke 23:34
Dec 11, 2002 pm - Tonight, with God's blessing, we'll start a new Puritan study called Matthew Henry on the Seven Sayings. The seven sayings , of course, refer to the words of our Lord on the cross. I'm slow to find symbolism in the numbers of the Bible, but here I think we have some. If seven is the number of perfection, then we can say our Lord said everything He needed to say on the cross and nothing more. Even in death, He was the perfect Man, the one who did, Always those things which please the Father . The seven sayings are spread all over the four Gospels. The first two are found here in Luke 23. We'll look at the first one tonight, with the Lord's help. The first thing our Lord said on the cross after a night of agonizing prayer and brutal treatment at the hands of men is… Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do . THE CROSS AND THE WORDS The first thing Matthew Henry says about the passage is very interesting. It never occurred to me and I wonder if it has to you? He explains why the Lord must die on the cross, and not in some other way, such as hanging or stoning or being beheaded. He says, One reason that He died the death of the cross was that He might have liberty of ... More >>>

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