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Henry on the Seven Sayings - by Michael Phillips
The Seven Sayings - Part 2 of 7
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Luke 23:39-43
Dec 18, 2002 pm - Last week we began a Puritan study by Matthew Henry on the Seven Sayings of our Lord on the Cross. The Bible does not present a complete record of what Christ said or did, but everything it says about Him is true and important especially His time on the cross. Surely, a man of His maturity wouldn't waste the last hours of His life on trivial things. And, of course, He doesn't. The seven sayings are full of meaning; they tells us a lot about ourselves and even more about the One who died for us. The Lord's first saying was also the most surprising: Dying at the hands of wicked men who knew He was innocent, He cries out for their pardon Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do . And they received it. On the Day of Pentecost these same men were accused of crucifying the Lord of Glory and then offered forgiveness in they repent. Which they did, three thousand on that one day, and many more in the following months. The prayers of our Lord Jesus Christ are never wasted: if He prays for you, you get what He prayed for. That's encouraging, isn't it? Your Savior prayed not only once for people who did Him wrong, but He's still doing it! The New Testament says, Ever lives to ... More >>>

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