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Fellowship - by Michael Phillips
Especially to Children - Part 51
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Psalm 51
Dec 08, 2003 pm - Listen up, kids! Today, with the Lord's help, we carry on in our study of Psalm 51. Before we get to the new stuff, let me ask you about some old things, things we've already looked at in this part of God's Word. Who wrote Psalm 51? What kind of mood was he in when he wrote it? Should he have felt that way? Why? In one word only, what did David want from the Lord? What does mercy mean? The first mercy (or favor) David wanted was, what? What was the second mercy or favor he wanted God to give him? MERCY AND MERCIES Blankets and quilts are alike in many ways: they're the same size, they're both made of cloth, and they serve the same purpose-to keep you warm in bed. But, there's one way in which they're very different-the ones I have are, at least. My blankets are all solid color: I've got a blue one, a yellow one, and a pink one, if I remember correctly. My quilts, on the other hand, are multi-colored: the oldest one has a green background, with some red and yellow patterns on it. My favorite one is mostly white, but it's also got blue, red, orange, green, and lavender in it. The reason I bring this up is because the mercy of God is not like a blanket, but like a quilt. His mercy is ... More >>>

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