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Puritan Education - by Michael Phillips
The Puritan View of Life - Part 9 of 14
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1 Peter 1:13
Apr 21, 2002 pm - Education This afternoon, with the Lord's help, we'll continue our monthly study of The Puritan View of Life. The Puritans-you know-were Reformed Christians who flourished in England and America from about 1550 to 1700. The book we're using to guide is Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were. The author is Leland Ryken; the date is 1986. I cannot recommend the book too highly. If the Puritans both interest you-and scare the dickens out of you-this is the place to meet them. The chapters are short, full, and easy to understand. Thus far, we've studied them on work, marriage, kids, money, preaching, church, worship, and the Bible. Now, we move on to the Puritan view of education. SUMMARY If I wanted to cut the lecture short, I could sum up their view in half-a-minute. When it comes to education, the Puritans were for it. They were radically, universally, and consistently committed to learning. They talked about it. But that's not all they did: They also worked at it and were willing to pay for it. Surveys say most Americans care deeply about education. But I wonder if we do. Very few students are willing to work for one; very few schools are willing to provide one; and very ... More >>>

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