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The Fear of Death - by Michael Phillips
A String of Pearls - Part 11 of 14
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Hebrews 2:14-15
Feb 04, 2004 pm - Are you afraid to die? Most people are, including many believers in Christ. You know why the unsaved are scared to die-because, whatever they say to the contrary, they know there is a God and that they are guilty before Him. But why do believers fear death? Some do because they lack assurance and others because their faith is weak; some are too fond of the world, while others are worried about the ones they leave behind. These add to the fear of death, but they don't create it. Death is feared-most of all-because it is a fearful thing. The fear is not all in your head--most of it is in death itself! Death is the penalty of sin, the curse of God, the sum of all evils, and the Last Enemy. Death is a bad thing. But for the believer it is not only a bad thing. "All things work together for good to those who love God". Including death. Paul doesn't say death is a good thing-because it isn't! What He says is that God uses death to do us good. This is the topic of our Puritan study. About three months ago, we began to look at a funeral sermon preached in the spring of 1657 and published a few months later. The preacher is Thomas Brooks, a pastor in London and its title is A String of ... More >>>

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