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He Came to His Own - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 88 of 94
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Luke 22:47-71
Feb 22, 2004 am - Richard Anderson was a colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Between 1965 and 1968, he led dozens of bombing raids over North Vietnam. On the last of them, his plane was shot down and he was taken prisoner. Seeing he was a high-ranking officer, his captors knew he had a lot of information and they planned to get it out of him. They began with late night interrogations: night after night he was yelled at by one man and pleaded with by another. One made threats and the other made promises. The same questions were put to him over and over again. But he gave nothing more than name, rank, and serial number. If words won't break him, torture might. For weeks, they did things to the man that cannot be named in polite company. But he kept the secrets. If pain could not break him, labor might. In vicious heat and humidity he was sent out to dig, for fifteen hours a day, he dug trenches and filled them in. If he tried to rest, he was beaten, if he fell, he was kicked, if he tried to cover up, he was busted in the mouth with the butt of a rifle. But still, he would not talk. When hard labor failed, they tried starvation. His rations-already small-were cut in half. And then in half ... More >>>

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