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The Annunciation - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 3 of 94
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Luke 1:26-28
Jan 20, 2002 am - Today, with the help of God's Spirit, we'll continue our study of Luke's Gospel. The man wrote his book-he tells us-to a friend named "Theophilus". He was an official in the Roman government. Luke sent it to him-not to convert him to Christ-but to better inform him of the Lord's story and to confirm his faith in Jesus Christ. What was good for him long ago is also good for us. We believe in the Lord Jesus. Yet our faith is weak; it needs strengthening. And there's no better way to achieve that than to read the Bible, especially the Gospels. They present the Lord from four different angles, different but harmonious. And the more we read them, the more we love our Savior. Some stories get old by one telling. Others can be told over and over. But this one-the story of the Lord Jesus Christ-is so big and precious that all eternity will not be long enough to make us tired of hearing it! "Sing them over again to me- wonderful words of life". Last time, we heard the surprising news that God was going to give a special son to an old couple-a man and wife way past the age of child-bearing. The couple were Zacharias and Elisabeth. The boy they'd be given was John the Baptist who would ... More >>>

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