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Follow the Lamb 1 - by Michael Phillips
Follow the Lamb - Part 1 of 15
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Revelation 14:4
May 12, 2004 pm - In the middle of the Nineteenth Century there was a Revival in Scotland led by an old man, Thomas Chalmers, and a group of young men, the best known of whom is Robert Murray M'Cheyne. Among the younger men were the brothers, Andrew and Horatius Bonar. The brothers were men of real learning and piety, with a passion for evangelism and follow-up. They did not believe preaching the Gospel was enough; those who believed had to be trained to serve the Lord. This is never easy, of course, but it was doubly hard for the pastors of Scotland of that time because the number of conversions was staggering! We all want the Lord to save thousands in a day, but if He did, what would we do with them all? How can a handful of Christians teach, counsel, rebuke, and comfort a flood of new converts? One way to do it is with good books. And that's what one of the young preachers did back then: he wrote a good book telling young believers how to grow in Christ. The book takes its title from the verse I read a couple of minutes ago. It's called Follow the Lamb, by Horatius Bonar, and first published in the 1840's or thereabouts. The small book is still in print; the edition I have has been put into ... More >>>

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