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Spending - by Michael Phillips
Money Matters - Part 4 of 6
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Matthew 6:33
May 23, 2004 am - Four or five weeks ago, we began a study called Matter Matters. I called it that because it really does: money matters. You know why it matters to you, but I'm mostly thinking about God. Money matters to Him, too, because we matter, and few things in life will affect us more than money-one way or the other. Last time we looked at making money and how much of it the Lord wants you to make. Today, we'll move to the other side and have a look at spending money. This is not a tithing sermon in disguise. By spending, I don't mean giving to the church (though you ought to do that). I mean all of your spending-from the Mexican Restaurant to the gas bill (pun intended)! And so, how much does God want you to spend and what does He want you to spend it on? These are the questions we'll take on today. But before we do, let's step back for a moment and look at the big picture. THE LORDSHIP OF CHRIST All of your spending is under the Lordship of Christ. Most believers are a little fuzzy on this. They know that some of their money belongs to the Lord and needs to be spent His way. As far as they go, they're right. But they don't go far enough. The Bible plainly teaches that Jesus Christ is Lord ... More >>>

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