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Saving - by Michael Phillips
Money Matters - Part 5 of 6
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Proverbs 13:22
May 30, 2004 am - A few weeks ago, we began a study called Money Matters. I chose the words carefully, because it does-money matters to God. It matters to Him-not because He loves money-but because He loves us. And few things in life will affect us more than money-for better or worse. Used wisely, money promotes the happiness of the human race and the salvation of the Elect. Used badly, it breeds unhappiness and it hinders the Gospel. When it comes to our money, we need to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. In other words, we need to use the Lord's money the Lord's way. This doesn't mean you use your money in exactly the same way I use mine. For, though the principles of God's Word are the same for all, how they apply differ from person to person. What you can buy lawfully, maybe I cannot. How much I need to save may be more than how much you need to save. Thus, we have to be careful of legalism-of going beyond the teaching of God's Word and making up rules for other people God's rule over your money is total, absolute, and unqualified. He wants you to obey and glorify Him in making, spending, and giving your money away. Thus far, we've looked at the first two in some detail, ... More >>>

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