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Conceived, Born - by Michael Phillips
The Apostles Creed - Part 4 of 10
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Luke 1:26-38
Jun 20, 2004 pm - Today we'll get back to our study of The Apostles' Creed. For more than a thousand years, all Christians believed that the Creed was inspired by God in the same way the Bible is. They were wrong, of course, but you understand why they felt the way they did. The Apostles' Creed is a magnificent summary of the Christian Faith. In a mere 109 words, it names every major doctrine in the Bible, and puts them in the Bible's order. What is the Bible about? It's about many things: God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit; man, sin, and salvation; heaven and hell. These are the main teachings of the Bible-and the articles of the Creed. But what is the Bible chiefly about? The Lord Jesus Christ. And, where does the Creed put Him? Right where He belongs-smack dab in the middle, and taking up two-thirds of it. It's no wonder The Apostles' Creed has been recited and loved by the People of God worldwide for more than 1800 years! Last time, we began the doctrine of Christ with a look at His names or titles. Who is that strange Man from Nazareth? And why do Christians worship Him? Because He is Jesus Christ, (God's) only Son, Our Lord. Every word is full of significance. He is Jesus and that means the ... More >>>

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