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Study the Bible - by Michael Phillips
Follow the Lamb - Part 7 of 15
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2 Timothy 2:15
Jun 23, 2004 pm - Study the Bible. So begins chapter six in Horatius Bonar's masterpiece, Follow the Lamb. Bonar was a Scottish Presbyterian pastor who wrote the little book to help new converts grow in Christ. He assumes we are Christians. But are we? Are you? I know you go to church, but have you been born again? Do you trust the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you want to please Him more than yourself? The questions may not be polite, but they are necessary. For you cannot grow in Christ until you get in Christ. And you do that by repenting of your sins and believing the Gospel. Bible study is a necessary part of the Christian life. At one time, it was very difficult to study the Bible for the simple reason that Bibles were hard to come by. The printing press is only about 500 years old, and it was not until the 17th Century that the average, English-speaking believer had a Bible of his own. Yet even in these dark ages, the Lord's People loved His Word and studied it as best they could. Some read the Bibles chained to the pulpit in their churches; others memorized the pastor's text, and turned it over in their minds; others visited friends who had a Bible. The Shepherd's voice was seldom heard in those ... More >>>

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