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Keep a Clear Conscience - by Michael Phillips
Follow the Lamb - Part 3 of 15
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Hebrews 9:13-14
May 26, 2004 pm - Horatius Bonar was a leader in the Scottish Revival of 1840. Looked at in one way, a Revival is like any other time: sinners are saved by grace, through faith, and for good works. But, if you look at them from the other side, they are unlike other times. For instead of seeing one or two saved now and then, you find dozens and even hundreds converted all at once. Revivals are a great blessing, of course, but they're also a great challenge. How do you follow up with people who are coming to the Lord in droves? One way you can do it is through books. And this is what Bonar did: he wrote a book to train new believers in living for Christ. The book is called Follow the Lamb. We began its study two and we'll carry it on for another couple or three months, the Lord willing. The edition I have is 63 pages long, and very easy to read and understand. It was written for new converts, but no believer is too old in the Lord to profit from it. It is a masterpiece of sensitive, pastoral wisdom. In fifteen short chapters, it tells us how to honor God and to grow in His grace. Where do you start living the Christian life? Bonar says you begin by Be(ing) strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. ... More >>>

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