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Give me Back My Joy - by Michael Phillips
Especially to Children - Part 52
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Psalm 51:8-12
Jan 12, 2003 pm - Listen up kids! This afternoon, we'll continue in our study of Psalm 51. Before we get to the new stuff, however, let me ask you ask you about the old stuff: Who wrote Psalm 51? What mood was he in when he wrote it? Was that the right mood for him to be in? Why? In one word, what's the one thing he wanted from God? David wanted mercy. This means he wanted a favor from God-a favor he did not deserve. Do sinners deserve anything from God? Sure we do! We deserve His punishment. But that is not what David wanted-what he deserved or what he earned. He wanted something he didn't earn, something he didn't deserve: he wanted mercy. That's what you should want more than anything else: more than a new bike, a Gameboy or a big stack of Yu-gi-oh cards. You ought to want God's mercy more than good health, more than better grades in school, more than a best friend, more than a raise in your allowance. There's nothing like God's mercy. You need to ask Him for it-and keep asking until you get it. God's mercy is sort of like the Wiley family-one family, but too many members to keep track of! In fact, every good thing we get from the Lord, from salvation to a sunny day is part of His mercy. The ... More >>>

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