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Transubstantiation - by Michael Phillips
Heresies in the Church - Part 6 of 9
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Luke 22:19-20
Jan 19, 2003 pm - This afternoon, with the Lord's help, we'll move along on our monthly study of heresy. A heresy-you remember-is a serious doctrinal error taught in the Church. Thus far, we've looked at five of them: Legalism, Arianism, Gnosticism, Pelagianism and Iconodulism. If you can't remember what they are, talk to me later and I'll be happy to tell you. It seems like most heresies have long and bizarre names and the one we'll look at today is no exception: it's called Transubstantiation. THE WORD Transubstantiation is a Latin word meaning the change of substance. Something is "transubstantiated" when it is miraculously changed from one thing into another. It's not like a caterpillar turned into butterfly, but more like a caterpillar turned into a buffalo! Theologically, it means at the Lord's Supper, the bread and wine are changed into the material body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Stupid Protestants call it magic, but that's not true or fair. People who believe in it, do not believe it's magic that effects the change, but a miracle of God. Looked at this way, it is both possible and possibly good, for the Lord Jesus Christ once turned water into wine and can do greater things if He ... More >>>

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