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Henry on the Seven Sayings - by Michael Phillips
The Seven Sayings - Part 6 of 7
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John 19:30
Jan 29, 2003 pm - Tonight, with God's blessing, we'll move on in the Puritan study we began a couple of months ago; it's called Matthew Henry on the Seven Sayings. Our Lord Jesus Christ hung on the cross from nine o'clock in the morning until three in the afternoon. During that time, He spoke seven times. Now, I'm not too keen on finding symbolism in the Bible, but here I think there is some. Seven is the perfect number, the number of completion, you might say. Thus, our Lord said everything there was to say on the cross. He spoke to His Father; He spoke to His family; He spoke to His friends; He spoke to His enemies, and here He speaks to everyone: to those who heard Him that day, and to you and me too. Earlier the Lord had cried out in agony and need but no more! This is a cry of victory. It is finished . THE INTRODUCTION Henry notes this is a single Greek word, a word, he goes on to say that is both comprehensive and comfortable . By comprehensive, he means there's a lot in the word. By comfortable he means the word produces great comfort in the believer. What did the Lord mean when He said, It is finished ? And how does that finishing help Christians today? Matthew Henry says it means seven ... More >>>

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