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Hold Fast - by Michael Phillips
Follow the Lamb - Part 4 of 15
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2 Timothy 1:13
Jun 02, 2004 pm - For the last few weeks, we've been making our way through Follow the Lamb, a short book by the Scottish Presbyterian minister, Horatius Bonar. The book was written, about 1840, to help new converts grow in Christ. There's so much to know and so much to do as Christians! Where do you start? American Evangelicals usually start with praying, reading the Bible, and going to church. Bonar is for these things, of course, but he doesn't start with them. He thinks the root of all evil is.bad doctrine. And so, if you want to live the Christian life well, you've got to know the truth and remember it! The truth he has in mind is not a secondary matter, like the mode of baptism or church government, but the one thing needful, and that is the Gospel. God saved you by His Gospel and He will keep you saved by His Gospel! That's something we're prone to forget. We want to move on to things wider and deeper than the Gospel, but that's folly, for nothing is wider and deeper than the Gospel! Not my favorite pet doctrine and not yours either! In the first two chapters, we were taught, first, to Be strong in the Grace that is in Christ Jesus. To be strong in grace is to remember what grace is-God's ... More >>>

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