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Take Heed to Your Steps - by Michael Phillips
Follow the Lamb - Part 8 of 15
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Psalm 119:133
Jun 30, 2004 pm - A couple of months ago we began to study the short book, Follow the Lamb, by Horatius Bonar, a pastor born about 200 years ago. Bonar had the privilege of seeing Revival up close and personal. He was a young leader in the one that came to Scotland in 1840. He wrote his book to help the many new converts become better disciples of Christ. They are the people the book has in mind. And it's quite helpful to them. But, it's equally useful for the rest of us, for converts who are no longer new. But what it's not good for is making converts. Kids who grow up in church often listen to the sermons and try to grow in Christ without first being in Christ! You get into Christ-not by reading the Bible or keeping a good conscience or the other things we've looked at already-but by repenting of your sins and putting your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you done that? Have you kids done that? All of you? How about the rest of you? People in the church die and go to hell every day. But nobody in Christ dies and goes to hell. Confess your sins, believe in Christ, and then you can follow the Lamb-and not before. Last week, we studied the importance of studying the Bible. You can go to heaven ... More >>>

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