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The Millennium - by Michael Phillips
Eschatology - Part 6 of 10
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Revelation 20:1-10
Jun 27, 2004 pm - This afternoon, with God's help, we'll continue our monthly study of Eschatology or the Doctrine of Last Things. The End Time doctrines can be divided into two categories A few of them are necessary and non-negotiable. They are the Second Coming of Christ, the Resurrection of the Dead, the Last Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. If you deny these things or explain them away, you're a heretic. You might be a nice guy, but you're still a false teacher and a menace to souls. This is not my private opinion, but the consensus of the Church Universal. Most of the doctrines, however, are not necessary for salvation and should be studied with an open mind and not break the fellowship all believers have in Christ. Under this heading are the Rapture, the Millennium, the Antichrist, the Falling Away, and other things that have long fascinated-and aggravated-the Lord's People. Do you want to understand End Time Prophecies? If you do, you must do two things-not only one of them, but both of them! You must (1) study End Time Prophecies, and (2) study the rest of the Bible! If history teaches anything at all, it teaches that when a person studies Eschatology only, he is sure to become a heretic, a nut, ... More >>>

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