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Suffered, Crucified, Dead, Descended - by Michael Phillips
The Apostles Creed - Part 5 of 10
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Mark 10:33-34
Jul 18, 2004 pm - Today, with God's blessing, we'll move along in our study of The Apostles' Creed. The Creed was not written by the Apostles or our Lord and it was not inspired by the Holy Spirit. This means it is not infallible and that it remains open to review. Saying this, however, does not mean that it's like any other Confession of Faith. Because it isn't. Other Creeds confess the faith of one church or denomination, but this one speaks for the Church Universal. We all believe it. And not since 1973, but from nearly the beginning of the Church. A Creed quite a bit like this one was accepted as far back as the Second Century; the form we have it in today goes back more than 1500 years. The Apostles' Creed has stood the test of time. Because it is true-maybe not in every word-but overall, it is the best summary ever published of those things most surely believed among us. In English, the Creed is 109 words long. Of the 109 words, no less than 70 of them are about the Lord Jesus Christ. It begins by telling us who He is. He is, Jesus Christ, [God's] only son, our Lord. Every word is packed with theology. Libraries could be filled with books on this line alone. After telling us who He is, the ... More >>>

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