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The Seventy Weeks in Daniel - by Michael Phillips
Eschatology - Part 7 of 10
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Daniel 9:20-27
Jul 25, 2004 pm - The Seventy Weeks Today we'll move on in our once-a-month study of Eschatology or the Doctrine of Last Things. Much of what I've said so far has been contrary to what many fine people teach and firmly believe. The differences are real and significant, but we must not overstate them. In fact, all Christians agree on most things. We all believe that Jesus Christ is coming again and that He will raise the dead, judge the world, bring the saints to heaven and consign the sinners to hell. These are the major end-time doctrines. It is only the fine print on which we differ. Will Christ come before the Millennium or after? Will the Rapture be in one stage of two? Is the Antichrist the Man of Sin or are they different persons? These things should be studied and discussed, but they should not divide us. We need open minds to hear out other believers and warm hearts to love them-even when they're wrong. THE TITLE The title of today's sermon is The Seventy Weeks of Daniel. The words are taken from the 24th verse of Daniel 9. Not all believers understand the passage in the same way. We differ on what it refers to, and especially, when. But once again, we mustn't magnify the disagreement. All ... More >>>

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