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Follow the Lamb 12 - by Michael Phillips
Follow the Lamb - Part 12 of 15
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Matthew 7:21
Aug 04, 2004 pm - Do Something for God Tonight brings us to Chapter 11 in our study of Follow the Lamb, a short book, written about 1840, to help young believers grow in their discipleship-to make them better followers of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, our Lord. The book assumes two things: first that we are saved. No one can follow Christ who is not in Christ. You come into Christ by repenting of your sins and placing your faith in Him alone. Have you done this? Not everyone who goes to church has-not even people who go to church on Wednesday night! Trying to follow Christ without first being in Christ is like trying to walk and talk, eat and drink, laugh and cry without being alive! It can't be done! Physically, you're alive. But are you alive spiritually? Have you been saved? Have you received eternal life? I know you're a nice person, but are you a converted person? If you're not, you can't follow the Lamb-even if you wanted to. Without Me, you can do nothing. The other assumption is this: we want to follow the Lamb. Do we? Or, more to the point, do you want to follow the Lord? I know you want to go to heaven, but do you want to follow Christ? Even if it takes you outside your comfort zone? By nature ... More >>>

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