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First Greeting - by Michael Phillips
Study in Thessalonians - Part 1 of 13
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1 Thessalonians 1:1
Aug 01, 2004 am - Today, with God's blessing, we'll begin to study the Thessalonian Epistles. Epistle, you know, is a fancy word for letter. That's what we have here, letters written by Paul and sent to his friends in Thessalonica. But this is not all we have-we also have Scripture. I and 2 Thessalonians are both the words of Paul and the Word of God, fully, and at the same time. How Paul can write the Word of God while choosing his own words is a mystery. But it's true. Because the Bible says so. THE BACKGROUND You know who Paul is. He is the former enemy of Christ who became an Apostle or messenger of the Lord. He did not choose that life for himself, but it was chosen for him. On his way to wipe out the church in Damascus, Paul was struck down by a blinding light from heaven. It wasn't the sun, breaking through the clouds that day, but the Son of God breaking into Paul's life. And taking possession of it from that time on. As an Apostle, Paul went on three missionary tours, mostly in Asia Minor and Southern Europe. On the second one, he came to Thessalononica, a big city in Macedonia, near Greece. There, he, with a few friends, went into the synagogue, and for three Sabbaths, he preached Christ ... More >>>

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