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Paul's Love - by Michael Phillips
Study in Thessalonians - Part 5 of 13
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1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13
Sep 05, 2004 am - In the Book of Revelation, our Lord rebukes a church for losing its first love. The people were solid in other ways, but the bloom of their love was off the rose. They didn't hate each other; they weren't splitting into factions; and they still had the shell of brotherly love. But that's all they had-a shell. Like an old married couple, they got along pretty well, but the fire they once had for each other had gone out. This could not please the Lord, of course, but you'd think He would put up with it. But He didn't. He was angry at that church-furious might be the word I'm looking for. And He told them, in no uncertain terms, that if they did not repent of their room temperature love, He would come to them in an appalling judgment. Love matters to Christ. He wants us to love one another with a fervent love. He never wants the honeymoon to end. Not all of us feel this way. We're polite, dutiful, and nice enough to get by, but our love for each other is not what it used to be. Maybe we too have left our first love. But Paul didn't. He had been a Christian for twenty years when he wrote 1 Thessalonians, and his love for his brothers and sisters in Christ was hotter than ever. You can ... More >>>

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