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His Work in the World - by Michael Phillips
The Holy Spirit - Part 2 of 3
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Psalm 104:30
Aug 21, 2004 pm - The theme of this year's Family Camp is The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person, equal to the Father and the Son in every way. He is both Creator and Savior. He is worthy of your faith and obedience and love. You ought to know the Holy Spirit and to worship Him for what He-not a power or influence or Energy or Process--but Very God of Very God. We ought to walk in the Spirit, not grieve the Spirit, and be filled with the Spirit. We ought to see the Spirit in other people-and love them for His sake-if not their own. We ought to attend church aware that it is the Habitation of God through the Spirit. We ought to work for the spreading of the Spirit. As Creator and Judge, the Spirit is everywhere, but as Savior, there are many places where the Spirit is not. He comes into those places through the Gospel which we're commanded to preach to everyone. Though some of what I said earlier today was on the technical side, there's nothing academic or impractical about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is our connection to Christ, and through Him, to God the Father. Life in the Spirit, therefore, means life in God. And so, life without the Spirit ... More >>>

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