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The Conversion of Israel - by Michael Phillips
Eschatology - Part 8 of 10
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Romans 11
Aug 29, 2004 pm - At the end of last year, we began a monthly examination of Last Things. Among Bible-believing Christians, no doctrines are more hotly disputed than these-and that's a shame. Because our agreement is far deeper and wider than our disagreements. We all believe the Lord is coming again; and that when He does, He will raise the dead, judge the world, welcome His friends into heaven and send His enemies to hell. These are the things that matter most, but in the heat of debate, we forget this, and we fuss and even divide over the things that matter far less, like when the Rapture will take place, who the Antichrist is, and the fate of Israel. Speaking of which, that's the topic for today-the fate of Israel. Or, to put a finer point on it, the future conversion of the Jews. THE QUESTION Before we get to that, let me explain what we're getting to. All Christians believe that Jews need to be saved, can be saved, and will be saved. Many of us know Jewish Christians, and we pray for unbelieving Jewish friends, that they too would find eternal life in Jesus Christ. Will some Jews be saved? That is not the question. What we're looking into is this: Has God promised to save all (or most) Jews ... More >>>

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