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Pleasing God - by Michael Phillips
Study in Thessalonians - Part 6 of 13
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1 Thessalonians 4:1-12
Sep 12, 2004 am - The topic of today's passage is Pleasing God. The outline could not be simpler: Paul begins with the duty to please God in verses 1-2, then he gives three examples of pleasing God in the verses that follow. His method is wise because there's no such thing as a general holiness. To say, Your life ought to please God is true, but it is not complete. Pleasing God is in the details of life, in the little choices you make a thousand times a day. How different our lives would be if we had made other choices. The choices of the past cannot be unchosen; nor can the choices of the future be made in the present. But you can choose now. In fact, you are choosing now--whether you know it or not, whether you want to or not-you're making choices. The choice you're making is to please God or not to please God. You make that choice every time you come to church. Sermons are both the words of man and the Word of God. To the man, you can say any number of things: good sermon, bad sermon, interesting, dull, too long, too short, and so on. But to God, there are only two things you can say: Yes or No. God wants you to please Him, and somewhere, deep in your soul, you want to please Him too, and you ... More >>>

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