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Love, Iniquity, and Truth - by Michael Phillips
Attributes of Love, for Children - Part 10 of 11
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1 Corinthians 13:6
Sep 12, 2004 pm - Listen up, kids! This afternoon, we come to the next-to-last sermon in our long, long, study of 1 Corinthians 13. Before we get to it, let me ask you a few questions: In one word, or less, what is the chapter about? Does the chapter tell us what love is or what it does and doesn't do? Can you name two things love does? Can you name two things love doesn't do? Can you name two kinds of people you should love? Does your love for others save you? Is anyone's love perfect? Can love be real even if it's not perfect? What must you first do to love others as the Lord wants you to? So far, we've thought about eight things love does and doesn't do. Love is an attitude (1) that puts up with people who do you wrong, (2) that treats them kindly (even if they don't deserve it), (3) that doesn't resent them when they have more or better things than you do, (4) that doesn't show off, (5) that isn't rude and obnoxious, (6) that isn't selfish and greedy, (7) that doesn't get mad all the time, and (8) that doesn't keep a record of every bad thing others do to you. This is what love looks like. It's what Jesus Christ looks like (perfectly) and what He wants you and me to look like too (though not ... More >>>

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