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To Please the Father - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 3 of 51
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Ephesians 5:2
Sep 22, 2004 pm - Tonight, we'll move on in our study of The Passion of Jesus Christ, a small devotional book by John Piper. I chose the word, 'devotional' with some hesitation because-even though it aims to warm our hearts and devote us more fully to Christ-the book is strongly doctrinal. It does not play on our emotions, but speaks straight to the mind-and this, in turn, warms our love for Christ and quickens our obedience. The book does not describe the Lord's suffering and death; it explains them. It doesn't tell us what happened on the cross, but why it happened. The book is also God-centered: it doesn't tell us why Judas or Pilate did what they did, but why God did what He did. Not, 'why God allowed it', but why He did it. What was God up to at the cross? Last time, we looked at Chapter One. Jesus Christ suffered and absorb the wrath of God. What a magnificent word: absorb! It means to soak up. When water is spilled on a table, a paper towel is brought in to absorb it. When its work is done, the paper towel is wet and the table is dry. In the same way, the wrath of God is on sinners, but when Christ died for us, He soaked up the wrath and it's not on us any more. This means There is ... More >>>

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