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To Learn Obedience - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 4 of 51
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Hebrews 2:8
Sep 29, 2004 pm - A few weeks ago we began to study The Passion of Jesus Christ, a short devotional book by John Piper. The purpose of the book is to explain why the Lord suffered and died. Perhaps 'explain' is not the word I'm looking for, for Piper does not get to the bottom of it all-and how could he? The wisdom, justice and love of God have no bottom. What he does it call us to mediate on the cross and what God was doing there. Both God the Son, in dying, and God the Father in willing His death. After introducing the topic, we've looked at two Divine purposes for the cross. Jesus Christ suffered and died, (1) to absorb the wrath of God, and (2) to please His Heavenly Father. God wanted His Son to hang on the cross, He willed it, insisted on it, would have it no other way. But the Son was not dragged there; He so loved His Father that He made the Father's will His own. As if this were not mysterious enough, Chapter 3 presents a mystery even deeper. Piper says THE TOPIC Christ suffered and died to learn obedience and be perfected. At first hearing, this sounds wrong, offensive, even blasphemous. But even if it shocks our ears or upsets our piety, it's what the Bible teaches. The verses we began ... More >>>

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