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God's Love - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 6 of 51
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John 3:16
Oct 20, 2004 pm - Tonight we come to Chapter 5 in our study of John Piper's book, The Passion of Jesus Christ. In fifty short chapters, Dr. Piper tries to explain why God sent His Son to the cross. We know why others did it: Judas did it because he loved money, the Rulers did it because they envied the Lord, Pontius Pilate did it because he was scared and cynical, Herod did it because he was disappointed in not seeing a magic show, the people did it because they were foolish and easily manipulated. In short, men sent Him to the cross because they're fallen away from God and under the power of Satan. But, unlike men, God isn't sinful or deceived. Yet, He too, joined in the sufferings and death of Christ. And more than joined in, He decreed them and saw that they occurred just as He wanted them to. Would you kill your own son? I wouldn't. But God did. The book tells us why. The answer is not complete-no answer that we could come up with would even scratch the surface of God's mysterious wisdom. But, complete or not, the answers given are true-true because they come right out of the Bible. Why did Jesus Christ suffer and die? The answer we look at tonight is maybe the most wonderful of them all-and ... More >>>

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