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Closing Remarks - by Michael Phillips
Study in Thessalonians - Part 10 of 13
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1 Thessalonians 5:23-28
Oct 24, 2004 am - A couple of years ago, I wrote a booklet of thirty or thirty-five pages. After running a spell check and proofreading it several times, I turned it over to a friend for final editing. Of course, I knew it wasn't perfect, and I thought she'd make, oh, half a dozen corrections. And I was right: that's what she did: half a dozen corrections.per line! The problem with my booklet, you see, is that it wasn't formal enough; it came across like a conversation, with thoughts put down as they occurred to me, and not in a strictly logical and orderly fashion. I agree with my editor. That's how books ought to be written. But 1 Thessalonians is not a book, it's a letter. This allows Paul to be chatty-to write things as they come to mind, and to not worry about order and balance and so on. What we have in the last verses of the Letter is a jumble of things-things Paul wanted to say, but either forgot about until the end, or he couldn't find a better place to put them. And so, he tacks them on at the end. Someone might think this informal tone undermines Inspiration, but I say it strongly supports it. If you ever want to read a 'holy' book that is plainly uninspired, try The Prophet by Khalil ... More >>>

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