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The Temptation - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 9 of 94
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Luke 4:1-13
Mar 03, 2002 am - Today, with God's blessing, we'll get back to our study of Luke's Gospel. Thus far, we've looked mostly at His private life-the years before He became a celebrity in Israel. Here, in the first paragraph of Chapter 4, we come to the end of those relatively quiet days. From now on, He will be the most controversial Man in the world. But before He faces the wrath of man, He first takes on the cunning and power of Satan. These verses are commonly called The Temptation. You can read more about it in Matthew 4 and, briefly, in Mark 1. THE DETAILS Luke begins the story in his usual way-with the details. The temptation occurred right after the Lord's baptism. Mark uses the word, immediately. Evidently, He didn't even pack for the ordeal, but went-maybe still wet-straight from the Jordan River into the Wilderness. He took the trip because God's Spirit told Him to. At His baptism, He was anointed with the Spirit and now He's going to "walk in the Spirit". As God, of course, our Lord is equal to the Spirit and the Father and not subject to either. But as a Man, He was dependent on the Holy Spirit and must obey His will at every point of His life. Which He does. He camped in the Wilderness ... More >>>

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