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The Apostasy and the Hope - by Michael Phillips
Study in Thessalonians - Part 12 of 13
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2 Thessalonians 2:1-17
Nov 07, 2004 am - There once was a man who owned a great farm. In the spring of the year, he told his servants to plant the fields with the finest of wheat. They obeyed the master, and had high hopes for a rich harvest that fall. But their hopes were soon disappointed. Looking at the fields one summer day, they noticed the wheat was growing up nicely, but not only wheat. Tares had gotten into the field! They ran to the farmer to find out how the bad seed had got in with the good. He told them, there was nothing wrong with his seed, but 'an enemy has done this'. While the man and his servants were sleeping, a jealous neighbor had tried to ruin the crop. At the harvest, the wheat and the tares will be separated. But, from now on, someone ought to keep a better eye on the farm! This brings me to the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ. When taught and believed properly, it will produce a bumper crop of hope, courage, generosity, and patience. But when taught badly or believed wrongly, it can only produce folly, sin, and division. This is what had happened in Thessalonica. Paul had preached the Second Coming of Christ in such a way as to make the church hopeful, patient, and brave. But then came ... More >>>

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