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Ransom for Many - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 9 of 51
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Mark 10:45
Nov 10, 2004 pm - A couple of months ago, we began to study John Piper's little book, The Passion of Jesus Christ. The word, 'passion' here does not mean His zeal or enthusiasm for God, but His suffering and death. The book has hardly a word on what He suffered, it's all about why He suffered. To put a finer point on it, why God wanted Him to suffer and die. Did the crucifixion break The Father's heart? It did not; it pleased Him. Because it is His way of saving the world. Was there any other possible way He could have done it? We must not speculate on what's possible with God and what isn't. But we can be sure of this: there was no better way! The cross is God's way of saving sinners, beating the devil, honoring His Son, satisfying His justice, proving His love, and more--all at the same time. Thus far, in our reading of Piper's book, we've found seven reasons for our Lord's passion and death. Tonight, we look at an eighth- Christ suffered and died to become a ransom for many. THE MEANING The chapter is not quite two pages long, and so Piper doesn't take the space to define his term. We have the time to do it, however, and so let's be clear on what it means. When we hear the word, 'ransom' we ... More >>>

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