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Henry on the Seven Sayings - by Michael Phillips
The Seven Sayings - Part 4 of 7
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Matthew 27:46
Jan 15, 2003 pm - Tonight, with God's blessing, we'll move on in the Puritan study we began a few weeks ago. It's called Matthew Henry on the Seven Sayings. Henry was an English pastor who died in 1714. He's best known to us for his great Commentary on the Whole Bible. That's the book we're using to guide us. Our Lord Jesus Christ hung on the cross for six hours from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon. During that time, He spoke seven times, six of which are very much in character. The first three sayings and the last three are things we'd very much expect Him to say. We're not surprised that He prayed for His enemies, promised to save the penitent thief, or turned His mother's care over to His most trusted disciple. Because He was as human as you and I are, we'd expect Him to ask for a drink. Because He lived in perfect obedience and trust, what would you expect Him to say at the end but what He did say: It is finished and Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit . All these sayings are very much in character. But the one we just read is not. Surely the holiest Man in the world would have the favor of God in His last hours and feel that favor. If you read Foxe's Book of Martyrs, ... More >>>

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