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Adoption - by Michael Phillips
Redemption Applied - Part 4 of 10
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John 1:12
Feb 13, 2002 pm - Tonight, with God's help, we'll continue our study of Thomas Watson on the Application of Redemption. The term is unfamiliar to many Christians, but the meaning of it isn't. It simply means "the experience of salvation". The Lord's People are chosen in eternity to be saved; at the cross, Jesus Christ paid the price for our salvation; in time, we experience salvation by the work of the Holy Spirit in our souls. Thus far, we've looked at three items on the list: faith, effectual calling, and justification. The last of these-Martin Luther thought-was the greatest blessing a man could enjoy on earth. To be justified-pardoned, and made as acceptable to God as Jesus Christ is a very great blessing. But the one we'll look at tonight is even greater. It is adoption. In justification, we are criminals, pardoned by the King, and put into His service. But in adoption, we are strangers, adopted by the King, and put into His family. Would you rather be a royal servant-or a Prince or Princess? If you'd rather be in the King's family, then praise God for your adoption! WHAT IS ADOPTION? Watson begins the chapter by briefly defining the term. Adoption-he says- "Is taking a stranger into the ... More >>>

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