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Perseverance - by Michael Phillips
Redemption Applied - Part 10 of 10
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1 Peter 1:5
Mar 27, 2002 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's help, we'll complete our study of Thomas Watson's little book, The Application of Redemption. First published in 1692, it remains a classic Puritan work on the Holy Spirit and how He applies the love of God and the death of Christ to His people. Thus far, we've looked at nine parts of the Spirit's work. They are: faith, effectual calling, justification, adoption, sanctification, assurance, peace, joy, and growth in grace. God gives all of His people all of these blessings. Though some of them differ in degree, every one of them is the birthright of all Christians-from new convert to the old saint ripe for glory. One last thing has to be said of His work. The Holy Spirit gives us the grace of perseverance. THE SIGNIFICANCE This is a common word to Christians. Calvinists, in particular, know what it means. Watson explains it this way, "The heavenly inheritance is kept for the saints and they are kept for the inheritance. The Apostle asserts the saint's stability and permanence in grace. The saints' perseverance is much opposed by Papist and Arminian; but it is not the less true because it is opposed. A Christian's main comfort depends upon this doctrine of ... More >>>

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