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Puritan Veiw of Sex - by Michael Phillips
The Puritan View of Life - Part 2 of 14
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Philippians 3:17
Sep 16, 2001 pm - Sex This afternoon, we come to our monthly study of Puritan life. Though I'm drawing from other sources, the book I'm depending on is Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were. The author is professor at Wheaton College, Leland Ryken. The book, I think, is still in print. And I could not recommend it more highly. If you want to read the Puritans-but are intimidated by their language-start with this book. Last time, we looked at the Puritan view of work. Most people think the Puritans were workaholics, who loved money, and viewed success as proof of their election and eternal life. Wrong on all points! They believed in hard work, but never to the neglect of other things, such as family, church, and community. Making money was one goal of working, of course, but not the highest goal-or even the second or third highest! The chief aims of work were to glorify God, to develop your gifts, and to help others in need. As for the last point, Puritans thought success proved their election, it's simply not true. It may have been true of their descendents-who were mostly secular, but it was not true of the Real Thing. The Puritans had a healthy and balanced view of work. Now we come to ... More >>>

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