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Puritan View of Family - by Michael Phillips
The Puritan View of Life - Part 4 of 14
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Joshua 24:15
Nov 18, 2001 pm - Family Today, with the Lord's blessing, we'll take up our monthly study of Puritan life. The Puritans, you remember, were mostly English and American Christians, living from about 1550 to 1700. They weren't perfect, but they served God well and with a thoroughness very few modern believers can match. We mustn't hero worship them, of course, but we ought to learn from them. Speaking of godly men, Paul says, "Note those who so walk as you have us for a pattern". The book we're using for the series is called Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were. The author is Leland Ryken, a professor of English at Wheaton College. If you like to read, I cannot recommend the book too highly. The chapters are short; the quotes are excellent; and you don't have to read it from cover to cover if you don't want to. Thus far, we've looked at the Puritan view of work, sex, and money. Now we move on to Family Life. THE CHIEF PURPOSE Before he gets into the dos and don'ts of family life, Ryken takes a look at the big picture. What is a family for? Now, the Bible clearly says the family is a God-given institution-and not something cave men stumbled into over millions of years. If God created and ... More >>>

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