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Puritans, The Church and Public Worship - by Michael Phillips
The Puritan View of Life - Part 7 of 14
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John 4:24
Feb 17, 2002 pm - The Church and Public Worship This afternoon, with the Lord's help, we'll continue our monthly study of the Puritans. The Puritans never formed their own denomination, but were found in all the English and American Churches, from about 1550 to 1700. They never claimed to "know it all"-and I would not make the claim for them. But they did think with a depth and a breadth that few modern believers can match. Thus, without following them blindly, we can learn from them. And ought to. Thus far, we've studied them on work, money, sex, marriage, family, and preaching. Now we'll move on to another topic: The Puritan View of Church and Public Worship. The book we're using to guide us is Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were. The author is Leland Ryken; the publisher is Zondervan; the date is 1986. The book is still in print and I cannot recommend it too highly. If you're intimidated by the Puritans, their old-fashioned words and run-on sentences, this is a good place to start. WHAT IS THE CHURCH? Because the Puritans tried to be clear in their thinking, they were fussy about defining their terms. Thus, before saying anything about what the Church does, they tell us what the ... More >>>

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